Physics Study Material In English and Hindi

  • Physics revision packages are an important source for your NEET preparation as they are organised in a format that is understandable, covers the entire lesson
  • It accommodate NEET like objective questions at your fingertips which are extracted from NCERT Text Book.
  • All the important questions of a chapter are placed together at one place. After chapter study, attempt chapter wise questions from the book.
  • It gives you an exam like environment and self-analysis meter to check your performance.
  • Answer key, hints and detailed answers are given at the end of every chapter.
  • This gives you complete practice and preparation not only of the important questions of the NCERT Biology but also the understanding of type of questions asked in NEET  entrance exams.

1. Physical World


3. Unit, Dimensions & Measurements

4. One Dimensional Motion

5. Motion in Plane

6. Newton's Laws of Motion

7. Work, Energy and Power

8. Circular Motion

9. Rigid Body Dynamics

10. Oscillation

11. Kinetic Theory of Gases

12. Thermodynamics

13. Thermometry and Calorimetry

14. Thermal Expansion

15. Mode of Heat Transfer

16. Mechanical Properties of Fluid

17. Surface Tension

18. Mechanical Properties of Solids

19. Ray Optics

20. Wave Optics

21. Electrostatics

22. Capacitance

23. Gravitation

24. Current Electricity

25. Magnetic Effect of Current

26. Electromagnetic Induction

27. Earth Magnetism

28. Alternating Current

29. Photoelectric Effect

30. Matter Waves

31. Nuclear Physics

32. Radioactivity

33. Atomic Structure

34. Electronics

35. Electromagnetic Waves

36. Wave Theory and Doppler's Effect

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