NCERT Short Notes for NEET & JEE


  • Enables quick NCERT recap & has formula charts in chapters  to give a snapshot of the  chapter
  • In line with NCERT – Designed from concept to Application in simplified way (Easy to understand)
  • In NCERT short notes  each chapter has been covered/created mostly within 1-3 pages
  • Fill in the blanks have been framed keeping in mind the NEET exam pattern

Benefits of revision through NCERT short notes:

    1. Maximum Revision, 10x Faster
    2. Enhance accuracy and get more Marks
    3. Easy to Recall & Remember
    4. Saves Lot of Time
    5. Stress Free Learning Experience
ncert mind maps pdf
ncert maps  pdf download
ncert mind maps for neet physics
ncert mind maps for neet chemistry
Ncert mind maps pdf download
ncert mind maps
ncert mind maps for upsc
ncert mind maps for neet biology
ncert mind maps for neet pdf
ncert mind maps for upsc pdf

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