The book contains advanced problems with illustrations so that the students can understand the fundamentals of JEE Advanced exam edge. All the examples covering the syllabus of Advanced Physics for JEE are divided into several topics.

The Revision notes given in this book will help the students to prepare for JEE Advanced level in less time. The questions help in building attacking ability and strengthening out-of-the-box thinking ability

Complete JEE Physics || Mechanics - 1

1. Mathematical Physics

2. Measurements and General Physics

6. Newton’s Laws of Motion

Complete JEE Physics || Mechanics - 2

1. Work, Energy, Power

2. COM, Conservation of Momentum and Collisions

Complete JEE Physics || Waves and Thermodynamics

1. Mechanical Properties

2. Heat and Thermodynamics

3. Simple Harmonic Motion

Complete JEE Physics || Electrostatics and Current Electricity

Complete JEE Physics || Magnetism and EMI

1. Magnetic Effects of Current

2. Magnetism and Matter

3. Electromagnetic Induction

4. Alternating Currents

5. Electromagnetic Waves

Complete JEE Physics || Optics

Complete JEE Physics || Modern Physics

1. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

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