Understand the concept of NCERT Line to Line Questions. NCERT line by line Zoology & NCERT line by line Botany. Biology Practice Questions And Answers.

It Covers :

  •  Each line & Each diagram (of biology NCERT textbook)
  • The main aim of this book is 360° preparation of each and every topic. Thus includes questions from nearly each and every line of NCERT textbook.

Silent features :

  •  Based on active recall
  • Revise complete chapter covering each line in least time
  • Retain NCERT content for longer time
  • Best for last minute revision
  • Statement based questions have many benefits such as-
    ⇒ Increases reading speed
    ⇒ Check the in depth knowledge of the topic
    ⇒ Increases concentration
    ⇒ Help mastering problem solving skill

The book has 100% stick to the syllabus crisp content preventing students from wasting their precious time reading something irrelevant. NEET is a dynamic and competitive exam, so being updated with content always gives you an upper edge. Moreover NCERT textbooks keep upgrading yearly and so must the questions.

NCERT Line By Line Questions Botany

1. The Living World

2. Biological Classification

3. Plant Kingdom

4. Morphology of Flowering Plants

5. Anatomy of Flowering Plants

6. Cell- The Unit of Life

7. Cell Cycle and Cell Division

8. Transport in Plants

9. Mineral Nutrition

10. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

11. Respiration in Plants

12. Plant Growth and Development

13. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

14. Principles of Inheritance and Variation

15. Molecular Basis of Inheritance

16. Microbes in Human Welfare

17. Organisms and Populations

19. Biodiversity and Conservation

20. Environmental Issues

NCERT Line By Line Questions Zoology

1. Animal Kingdom

2. Structural Organisation in Animals

5. Breathing and Exchange of Gases

6. Body Fluids and Circulation

7. Excretory Products and their Elimination

8. Locomotion and Movement

9. Neural Control and Coordination

10. Chemical Control and Coordination

11. Reproduction in Organisms

12. Human Reproduction

13. Reproductive Health

15. Human Health and Diseases

16. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

17. Biotechnology - Principles and Processes

18. Biotechnology and its Applications

NCERT Line by Line Biology
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