Chemistry Study Material In English and Hindi

  • Chemistry revision packages are an important source for your NEET preparation as they are organized in a format that is understandable, covers the entire lesson
  • It accommodate NEET like objective questions at your fingertips which are extracted from NCERT Text Book.
  • All the important questions of a chapter are placed together at one place. After chapter study, attempt chapter wise questions from the book.
  • It gives you an exam like environment and self-analysis meter to check your performance.
  • Answer key, hints and detailed answers are given at the end of every chapter.
  • This gives you complete practice and preparation not only of the important questions of the NCERT Biology but also the understanding of type of questions asked in NEET  entrance exams.

1. Atomic Structure

2. Redox Reactions

3. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

4. Estimation and Purification of Organic Compounds

5. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

6. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

7. Nomenclature of Organic Compounds

8. Bonding in Organic Compounds

9. Isomerism in Organic Compounds

10. Electronic Displacement in Bond

11. Chemical Kinetics

12. Electro Chemistry

13. Reaction Mechanism

14. Electrophilic Addition Reactions in Alkene and Alkyne

15. Electrophilic Substitution Reaction

16. Free Radical Substitution Reaction

17. Hydrocarbon

18. Nucleophilic Substitution Reaction

19. Alcohol, Phenol, Ether

21. d & f block and It's Compounds

22. Metallurgy Theory

23. Hydrogen and it's Compounds

24. s-block Elements

25. p-block Elements (Boron and Carbon Family)

26. Chemical Equilibrium

27. Ionic Equilibrium

28. Chemical Thermodynamics

29. Solid State

30. NAR, Reduction, Oxidation and Oregano Metalic Compound ,Nucleophilic Addition Reaction

31. Carbonyl Compounds

33. biomolecules

35. Coordination Compounds

37. Chemistry in Everyday Life

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