NTSE Books 2022-23 are available here with the purpose of helping students to provide them a base to start their preparation for the NTSE Scholarship.



NTSE Exam Purpose & Benefits

NTSE Exam Purpose is to find out the talented students that are financially weaker and can face trouble in regulating their advanced education after class 10th. Thus NCERT, which is the autonomous body of the Indian Government built a program to help such students. The National Talent Search Exam gives the test qualified students the following benefits

  1. Qualified students are provided Rs.1250/- per month as scholarship Money for classes XI & XII.
  2. Undergraduate students are provided Rs2000/- per month as a Scholarship Reward.
  3. There is a fixed Scholarship Money in accordance with UGC for Ph.D. students.

NTSE Exam Overview 

NTSE Exam takes place in 2 phases 1st is State Level & 2nd is National Level. NTSE Exam took place in two different phases. Students have to first fill the form for the test by using the online methods and then they will have to prepare themselves by using the appropriate study materials such as NTSE books for Maths, NTSE books for Physics, NTSE books for Chemistry, Subject notes, few practice questions and so on. Once they become prepared then the admit card used to announce at the given time. Students have to participate in the first round of the test by offline mode. And only those students can give the Phase II exam who have qualified for the first round successfully. The exam will be conducted for 4 hours totally. However, this test is only organized once a year.

To start NTSE preparation. Students can find the complete study materials on this website.

NTSE Books PDF Free Download

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NTSE Exam Pattern

NTSE Exam has some patterns. Those are listed below

  • The exam completes in two different stages. Each stage is divided into two Part
  • Part 1 known as MAT & Part 2 known as SAT
  • There are 100 questions in the test exam. Science – 40, Maths – 20 & Sst – 40

MAT – Mental Ability Test (Part 1)

As per name says, this part has the intention to judge the Mental ability of students. By asking the questions from Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Hidden figures, Classifications, etc. There will be 100 questions from this section.

SAT – Scholastic Ability Test (Part 2)

SAT has the purpose to examine the students in the field of Social science, Science. For this section, students have to be very aware of the class 9th and 10th syllabus that has been taught. This part has the allotment of time 120 minutes.

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